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Thinking about becoming a sleep consultant?

Infant sleep consultancy offers you a career that is flexible around family life, gives you financial independence, and is incredibly fulfilling.

I trained to become a sleep consultant after using a consultant to help with my first baby’s sleep. The frequent night wakings, short naps and inconsistent routine were having a real impact, and after working with that particular sleep consultant, the change in our family’s lives was incredible and I was forever grateful. At that point, I realised how much positive impact one person could have on an entire family and that was really inspiring for me.

I was also working long hours and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to juggle work and still be a huge part of my child’s life. I didn’t want to go back to work full time, but I still had bills to pay. I have 3 children now, my business works around their schedule and I’ve never been happier.

The amazing thing about becoming a sleep consultant is it can give you a sustainable income and financial independence, whilst remaining connected with your family. It can be used as a supplement to your family’s income, or if you want to turn it into a six-figure business, that’s achievable too. And it all starts with getting your accreditation here.


Founder of The Sleep Consultant Academy

What We Deliver For You

Sleep Consultant Certification Course


Our certification is all you need to become a practicing infant sleep consultant around the world. Once you complete the training you will hold an OCN Infant Sleep Consultant Certification. The course teaches you the following:

  • In-depth understanding of how infant sleep works
  • Sleep training methods & settling strategies
  • Current safe sleep guidelines and how to ensure you follow them
  • How to build routines for different ages
  • Common sleep challenges and how to overcome them
  • How to coach parents through some big changes

The course can be completed online and at your own pace, and requires around 10-12 hours of study. 

Sleep Business Start-Up

From £2,500 or £139 per month*

If you’re looking for someone to help you set up your sleep consultant business, our 3-day training programme is perfect for you.  In addition to your sleep consultant certification, we will also:

  • Help you create your brand
  • Devise your marketing strategy
  • Can even build your website
  • Help you get your first client
  • Show you how a successful sleep consultancy operates today

Having the theoretical knowledge is important, but having support to put it into practice, launch your own business and generate revenue is priceless.

 *Over 24 months

Who Are We?

Dani and husband Chris are the founders of leading global infant sleep consultancy: The Daddy Sleep Consultant®. We have helped thousands of families all over the world make positive, long-lasting changes to their baby’s sleep and well-being,  and we want to teach you to do the same.

The Sleep Consultant Academy gives you more than just your formal qualification; our supportive model gives you the tools and skills to make this amazing and rewarding career a lucrative business. Once you have completed our accredited course, you are ready to meet your first client; and If you need more support in setting up your business, we can help you with that too.

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Success Stories Of Our Own Consultancy

Based on 130 reviews.
Filipa Marques
Filipa Marques
3. September, 2022.
My son was 15 months old when I reach for help regarding his sleep. I was back to work and struggling cause he would wake up so many times during the night and needing lots of help to get back to sleep…taking up to an hour or more to get back to sleep. We booked an initial consultation with Dani to see if she would be able to help us… and she was indeed! My son now sleeps all night and no longer needs milk during the night. He also falls asleep on his own and if he wakes up during the night he can get himself back to sleep with no help. Since early in my pregnancy I stop being able to sleep the whole night and now after nearly two years I got my sleep back 🙌🙌🙌 Thank you Dani!!!
Alyna Bashir
Alyna Bashir
24. August, 2022.
So many good things to say about Chris. 1. what an incredible person. So understanding and kind. 2. Didn’t take long at all for Chris to figure out what was wrong with our little boys sleep. 3. Gave us a plan which was very gentle, motivated us to keep going, and most of all his plan worked. He totally understood where we came from as parents and didn’t force us to do anything we were not comfortable with. The best thing about Chris was his positivity, understanding and motivation towards us. That’s what made us want to keep going and see the light at the end of the tunnel. 4. His plan was very thorough and tailored to our son, unlike a generic one that other consultants can use. 5. Great to communicate with and empathetic. 6. Changed our lives within days and made us all much happier in our home. The change in our sons sleep is incredible. 7. I would 100% recommend Chris to all friends, family and anyone reading this! You won’t regret it. Money well spent in my opinion and he certainly delivers for what he charges which is well worth the service!!!! THANK YOU CHRIS.
Hiten Varsani
Hiten Varsani
16. August, 2022.
My wife and I can not recommend Chris enough. Before we signed up with Chris, our 15 month old daughter wouldn't fall asleep unless she was rocked or walked to sleep, and she would wake up at least a couple times a night and needed to be comforted back to sleep. Since following the bespoke sleep training programme put together by Chris, our little girl is now able to put herself to sleep for naps and also sleeps through the night. We can't thank Chris enough for all the advise he has given us and continues to give us.
Kathryn Lavan
Kathryn Lavan
15. August, 2022.
We sought out Chris’ help after 7 weeks of our little girl waking every 45 minutes through the night and us only getting 1-2 hours of sleep. To say we were at breaking point doesn’t begin to describe where we were… We had an initial consultation with Chris to check we were right for each other and we felt confident that Chris’ methods fit with what we were comfortable implementing - we personally were not willing to simply let our little one cry it out for hours on end and I’m pleased to confirm this isn’t Chris’ approach. We were sent a robust, detailed plan which was comprehensive and easy to put into practice. Within 3 days we were getting upwards of 8hrs sleep a night, and now we are at 11-12 hours nightly. Chris himself is approachable and friendly and truly does offer consistent support. I can quite honestly say this was the best money we ever spent and if you are contemplating getting Chris’ help, don’t hesitate.
Sharon Munnelly
Sharon Munnelly
12. August, 2022.
We decided to contact Chris as our one year old was continuously waking up 3-5 times a night, relient on us to help him back to sleep and not wanting to sleep beyond 5.30am. Within a few days of following Chris’s sleep programme our boy was able to self settle himself to sleep and was sleeping through the night . We now literally put him down into his cot at 7.30pm, walk out of the room and 99% of the time don’t need to open the door again until 6.30am the next morning. Now, if he wakes up during the night he is able to settle himself back to sleep without any intervention from us. I honestly can’t believe the change we have made in such a short space of time. We would not have been able to do this without Chris’s guidance and reassurance. I highly recommend him to anyone needing to improve their little ones sleep routine.
Charlotte Waring
Charlotte Waring
12. August, 2022.
We are so grateful for Chris helping us with James when he was 5 months old. He was waking up so many times a night and the only way to settle him back was to feed him. Totally exhausting and we were in a fog. We had done lots of googling, too much googling, bought lots of sleep guides and sought help from a sleep coach. But we were lost with the amount of conflicting advice and theories we had and couldn’t get any further. It was also hard when everyone was giving different advice. We decided to go with Chris on the 1:1 course and in a few days James went down to 1 feed a night. He is now almost 8 months old and is still having one feed a night and lovely long naps during the day in his cot. Thank you so much! We now have long evenings and more sleep…life changing!!
Laura Jackson
Laura Jackson
23. July, 2022.
We started working with Dani when our daughter was 8 months old. Although we were not in a terrible state with sleep, as a first time mum diagnosed with PND i really struggled with anxiety around sleep. Dani was completely empathetic and reassuring, and worked with us continually through a tricky nap transition. She literally held my hand whilst trying to navigate naps and tweaks and having her there was so comforting so i never felt alone. You simply cannot put a price on good quality sleep, and although we continue to have tricky days on the whole we have an incredibly happy and energetic (now) 1 year old, who goes down for her naps and sleeps solidly for 11/12 hours a night. I know if i ever need some advice on tweaks and the next nap transition i can go to Dani, which i think is amazing. Honestly i cannot put into words how much she has helped us, if you are hesitant or sceptical, dont be - the difference in a baby who is well rested is phenomenal. Thank you Dani ❤️🙏
Marguerite Lançon
Marguerite Lançon
22. July, 2022.
Chris has been and continues to be an incredible support in our baby’s sleeping journey. When we came to Chris, our baby was 7 months old. We were all exhausted, our mental health was taking a toll, we had no time for ourselves let along our relationship as a married couple. It would typically take us between 30min-1h to put her to sleep at night, and even then she would sometimes wake-up every 30min till midnight, making it impossible for us to have dinner together or have any sort of life in the evenings. She was sleeping in our bedroom and waking-up every 2-3h and each time it would take us 30min to put her back to sleep. We would also experience frequent split nights where our daughter would wake up at 3am and be up till 5:30am. We had already worked with another sleep consultant and it didn’t bring too much value to us so we were hesitant to invest more money in sleep training. After we started working with Chris, we saw improvements from the first nights. We also experienced a difficult start and had to interrupt the programme mid-way as baby got sick but even then what we had started doing made navigating this challenging time much much easier. Today we are able to put our baby in her crib when it’s time for bed or for a nap and leave the room (she even pushes us away to get to her crib!), she sleeps in her own bedroom, we can leave her with a relative or a sitter and enjoy and evening/night away, and she sleeps through the night (it’s the first time that we get to have 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in 9 months). Here are some of the things that we really enjoyed and continue enjoying in our work with Chris and that is different from other consultants: - The programme clarity and how gentle it is - so easy to follow and implement. We had 1-2 nights that felt difficult but not unbearable at all as we were not leaving her to cry. - The flexibility - working with the previous sleep consultant, it felt very isolating as I was told that my baby needed to sleep in her crib at all times. I felt stuck in my house and didn’t have much social interactions. Chris told me right during our first meeting “go out and have lunch with friends” and provided advice in case things wouldn’t go as planned. Same for travelling, Chris just provides very practical advice so that we get to actual enjoy doing things with our kids instead of getting overly anxious about their sleep. - The unlimited support. I cannot stress that enough. Baby’s sleep continuously evolves and Chris is wonderful at bringing support every step of the way. He helped us through the 8 months sleep regression, adjusting to 6h différence time zones, change in wake-window and transitioning naps - The personalized plan - Chris was very respectful and worked with us around our objectives. Our baby was a small weight when we started working with him so cutting night feeds was not an option and the plan we designed was all about helping our baby sleep independently and not sleeping through the night right away. Really the best investment we’ve made. We all feel much more confident, healthy and happy thanks to working with Chris!
Erin Jordan
Erin Jordan
19. July, 2022.
Honestly has changed our lives. We were muddling through with our little boys sleep and not doing badly until the 8 month point and then we were all getting no sleep at all. With direction and support from Chris our little boy is now falling asleep happily in his own bed independently and not waking until 6am in the morning. The support is there whenever you need it and any questions were answered so quickly. So great! Thank you so much!
Victoria McNaughton
Victoria McNaughton
17. July, 2022.
I can’t recommend The Daddy Sleep Consultant enough! After 20 months of sleep deprivation after having my little boy, he would only sleep for a maximum of three hours and would only settle / resettle for me. Chris brought sleep to our house, finally!! And gave us the tools that we needed for my partner to step in and settle him. I wanted to do a gentle approach as we were Co-sleeping and breastfeeding and I couldn’t find away to break the cycle myself. Chris prepared a bespoke plan for us that we followed and within three nights we had sleep, a happier and well rested little boy. Thank you The Daddy Sleep Consultant ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

How To become A Baby Sleep Consultant: FAQ’s

How long does it take to complete the online course?

The course can be completed online and at your own pace. It is about 12-15 hours of study depending on your individual learning style.

Do you provide ongoing support if I need help with clients?

Yes, you can join our support network where we have weekly calls to discuss specific client issues or ask any general questions you have.

How will the course be assessed?

You will be assessed at the end of the course by a series of question. Your answers will be submitted for review to assess your learning of the key objectives of the course.

What is a baby sleep consultant's salary?

You can earn as much as you want to. If you want to earn about £2,000 – £3,000 per month, you will probably work with an average of 2 to 3 clients per week. If you want to earn a six-figure annual salary, you absolutely can achieve that too (also possible to do this in the first year!).

When will I make my investment back?

Depending on your consultation price, you would likely get a complete return on your investment after approximately 7 – 8 families. 

Can I work part time?

Yes, the nice thing is you can choose how many clients you want to take on. Typically a sleep consultant will charge between £250 – £350 per client for around 2 weeks of virtual support. Work out what you want to earn, and then set your price and how many clients you want to take on from there. 

Do I need to do a lot of media coverage?

It’s totally up to you and your business goals. To have a full time sleep consultancy, as well as supporting clients, it is good to build up blog content for your website and posts on social media as a way to advertise your services. We know some sleep consultants that pay a copywriter to do this side of things. You can choose to take on another 1 or 2 clients per month to cover the cost of paying someone else to do it. These are the topics we would cover in more detail in the Sleep Business Start-Up Course.

Will owning my own business involve long hours?

The best thing about owning a sleep consultancy is that you can choose when to work. Yes, there might be days where you have to work some extra hours, such as when your business launches, but you will be in control of your hours, when those hours in the day are and when you take time off.

I wouldn't even know how to get a client - where would I start?!

Everyone who wants to setup their own business has fears about where they will get their first client and how you will make money. But you will. With our support in the group training, we will assist you all the way to your first client. And the good thing about setting up a sleep consultancy is that there is very little upfront investment required apart from this course, your website and some marketing budget. This makes it a very low risk, high rewards project.

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