Success Stories


Read how some of our recently certified sleep consultants have created successful businesses and transformed their lives for the better. 

Our next success story could be yours!


“Dani and Chris have run an excellent course that I feel has really set me up for my new career. The background reading was informative and easy to digest and the zoom classes were really well run. I loved being part of a small group so we each felt involved and we managed to build a rapport in the group. They have also offered a lot of ongoing support which will be so useful in the coming months. Thanks so much!”


Aurora Sleep Consultancy


“I signed up to the accreditation and business course. The Sleep Accreditation course was brilliant, made furthermore outstanding due to Dani & Chris’ extensive knowledge themselves. The business side of things was what I found extremely beneficial. It’s incredibly thorough, and there’s an option for continued support which I chose to do. Since getting the certification I have started my own business which without their guidance and support I’d have been a long way off where I am now.”


The Wide Awake Club


“I am so happy I picked The Sleep Consultant Academy. I can’t rave enough about how good Dani & Chris are at delivering the course, their knowledge, experience and their personalities shape this course and make it so enjoyable. The amount of knowledge you take, the support provided and the confidence you are installed with is priceless. Dani & Chris don’t hold back, they want you to be fully geared with all the tools and have all the knowledge, they don’t miss out on a thing. I wouldn’t think twice about it, you won’t regret it!”


Mounia Sleep Consultancy


“I have loved every second of this course. Doing the complete business start up has been invaluable- there are so many things I didn’t know I didn’t know about setting up my first business and the information was presented in an interesting and manageable way. Chris and Dani are engaging, approachable and on hand every step of the way. They are invested in every student and genuinely want all of their students to set up a successful sleep consultant business. Thank you so much Chris and Dani, I am so grateful for not only the course you have delivered and knowledge you have shared, but also the ongoing support you offer during the process of setting up and getting started with this exciting new venture.”


Tiny Moon Sleep Consultant

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