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Thinking about becoming a sleep consultant?

Infant sleep consultancy offers you a career that is flexible around family life, gives you financial independence, and is incredibly fulfilling.

I trained to become a sleep consultant after using a consultant to help with my first baby’s sleep. The frequent night wakings, short naps and inconsistent routine were having a real impact, and after working with that particular sleep consultant, the change in our family’s lives was incredible and I was forever grateful. At that point, I realised how much positive impact one person could have on an entire family and that was really inspiring for me.

I was also working long hours and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to juggle work and still be a huge part of my child’s life. I didn’t want to go back to work full time, but I still had bills to pay. I have 3 children now, my business works around their schedule and I’ve never been happier.

The amazing thing about becoming a sleep consultant is it can give you a sustainable income and financial independence, whilst remaining connected with your family. It can be used as a supplement to your family’s income, or if you want to turn it into a six-figure business, that’s achievable too. And it all starts with getting your accreditation here.


Founder of The Sleep Consultant Academy

What We Offer…

Sleep Consultant Certification Course


Our certification is all you need to become a practicing infant sleep consultant around the world. Once you complete the training you will hold an OCN Infant Sleep Consultant Certification. The course teaches you the following:

  • In-depth understanding of how infant sleep works
  • Sleep training methods & settling strategies
  • Current safe sleep guidelines and how to ensure you follow them
  • How to build routines for different ages
  • Common sleep challenges and how to overcome them
  • How to coach parents through some big changes

The course can be completed online and at your own pace, and requires around 10-12 hours of study. 

Sleep Business Start-Up


If you’re looking for a more supportive approach to set up your sleep consultant business, our live and interactive virtual training programme is perfect for you.  In addition to your sleep consultant certification, we will also:

  • Help you create your brand and devise your marketing strategy
  • Build your website (optional extra)
  • Help you get your first client and we mentor you through that first one – we support you as you support them
  • Support you fully through the journey for a further 3 months once the course ends
  • Provide you access to all our templates and tools for our own sleep consultancy
  • Show you how a successful sleep consultancy operates today – you see the inner workings of The Mummy &  Daddy Sleep Consultant
  • Having the theoretical knowledge is important, but having support to put it into practice, launch your own business and generate revenue is priceless. 

And another thing, we are very transparent on pricing on our website because we want you to know the potential investment before you assess the opportunityfurther. We are more than competitively priced and believe our course is of great value for what you will receive.

Other payment options available on request

Who Are We?

Dani and husband Chris are the founders of leading global infant sleep consultancy: The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant®. We have helped thousands of families all over the world make positive, long-lasting changes to their baby’s sleep and well-being,  and we want to teach you to do the same.

The Sleep Consultant Academy gives you more than just your formal qualification; our supportive model gives you the tools and skills to make this amazing and rewarding career a lucrative business. Once you have completed our accredited course, you are ready to meet your first client; and If you need more support in setting up your business, we can help you with that too.

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Success Stories Of Our Own Consultancy

Based on 202 reviews
Hollie Ferens
Hollie Ferens
28. September, 2023.
Chris has been fantastic! A month ago we were lucky to get 2/3 hours sleep (due to the childs multiple wake ups in the night), now our nearly 3 year old sleeps 11 to 12 hours through the night consistently. He really listened to the situation we were in, and tailored a plan that worked perfectly Thankyou so much!
Louise Franklin
Louise Franklin
13. September, 2023.
I was pretty skeptical about using a sleep consultant (I worried it would be a big waste of money), however my friend had used Chris and only had great things to say so we went ahead! Our baby used to be a great sleeper from day 1 but then things started to go wrong around 4/5months and just never recovered. She has terrible reflux but we’d adjusted her meds and she seemed perfectly happy in the daytime, yet still nighttime remained bad. We were having 12+ wake-ups per night at its worst. She was night weaned so these weren’t hunger, just disturbed sleep. We tried to use gentle sleep training methods on our own but it only made her more dependent on her dummy and she woke more. A disaster! Then we worked with Chris using the 1-2-1 plan, and he had her sleeping through the night from day 1! This was thankfully not a one off and has continued now for 3 weeks. She sleeps c.11 hrs per night on average (with no assistance from us) and her daytime naps have lengthened as well from 45 mins to 1hr45. Not only this, but she goes to sleep totally independently rather than needing to be rocked. Bedtime used to be stressful and now it’s super fast and pain free! We are incredibly grateful to Chris and would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with sleep!
Laura Aldridge
Laura Aldridge
5. September, 2023.
Wow, what can I say. Working with Chris has changed our lives. Getting our 8 month old daughter down to sleep had become really challenging but with his help she now settles herself in her cot every time. The support and guidance we received was invaluable. He really was there holding our hands, taking us through every step in the beginning, and gradually as we worked through the stages he helped us in making our own decisions so that when the time came and we were on our own we felt super confident in what we were doing. Nap time/bedtime is now a calm, simple process that we no longer dread. I would highly recommend Chris and The Mummy And Daddy Sleep Consultant to anyone and can’t thank Chris enough.
Nicola Duffy
Nicola Duffy
3. September, 2023.
I'd really like to thank Chris for his help over the last 4 weeks. Our 17 month old had never slept the night, waking up for 2 feeds and multiple other times during the evening/night. We finally decided to do something about it so i contacted Chris. I had done the online course when my son was 5 months as he was always rocked/bounced to sleep. Within days he was self settling going to bed. Now it was time to get rid of the night feeds😬. Chris advised us on naps and what to do when he woke for his first feed. The first night wasn't easy (probably wasn't as bad as I thought either), and each night did get easier. I would text Chris each morning on what happened , he'd be back with questions or recommendations. I'd also text him after each nap. My son has slept the last 5 nights, he has woken the odd night but has put himself back to sleep. Which is amazing for him. We really don't know ourselves. It was so worth doing the one to one, Chris was always there to help and support and I cant recommend them enough. Thank you so so much 😃
Zak Hurst
Zak Hurst
31. August, 2023.
The process that Chris has guided us through over the last three weeks has genuinely been life changing. Before this, our 15 month old was co-sleeping with us, waking up every hour or so and only my wife could put our daughter to bed as she was so reliant on breastfeeding to go to sleep. Chris gave us a clear plan to follow and made us feel confident that we would succeed. Our daughter is now sleeping in her own cot, I am able to put her to bed which is amazing and to top it all off she is sleeping the whole night through from 8pm to 7.30am with no feeds so I finally feel like I can help my wife through the nights. I wish we had found Chris a year ago and I genuinely don’t think I can put a price on the freedom he has given us as a family as the last year or so has been pretty difficult. Thank you so much for all your help Chris, we have already started recommending you to friends and will continue to do so.
Puja Vedi
Puja Vedi
25. August, 2023.
I never imagined that my then 12 month old daughter, who woke multiple times a night since birth, would not only sleep through the night, but sleep independently as well. It sometimes took me up to 2 hours to get her to sleep at night. I was also nursing to sleep for naps and throughout night, which is something I was desperate to stop, but had no idea how. Dani’s sleep training approach addressed all my concerns. The method I preferred was quite gradual and I felt like I was fully supporting my daughter through the entire process. Dani was always on the other end of a WhatsApp message, even while she was on a break, which was a massive help to me. It took just over 2 weeks and I still pinch myself at the transformation. Now at almost 15 months, my daughter sleeps fully independently and through the night most nights. It’s been completely life changing. She’s much happier and visibly better rested. I have my evenings back and have the energy to take my girl out to do more fun stuff together. I even managed to organise our first holiday together - something I couldn’t even think about prior to sleep training. Thanks so much, Dani! Life is so much better now.
Matt Finch
Matt Finch
14. August, 2023.
We went to Dani for help with our 20 month old boy who couldn’t self settle and needing cuddling to sleep, nights were broken and naps weren’t great. We were all very tired including 4am starts to the day and sore backs from all the rocking, we needed something to change. I was 10000% convinced that we would be the family that sleep training would not work for but I still new we needed to find someone to help us change things up , I wanted something supportive and gradual without leaving my baby to cry hysterically, as soon as I had my discovery call with Dani I knew we were in safe hands. George was always put first which may sound silly but his emotional state was always a priority and we never felt Pressured by Dani , just Supported and in turn this gave us the confidence to follow the plan step by step knowing we could do it and here we are , 2 weeks after the plan started our boy could self settle and to say it Has changed our family Life And dynamic is an understatement. If you are reading this and you need help with your little ones sleep, honestly do not hesitate, you will be looking Back like me thinking “wow” ! Thank you so much again, Dani. :) x
Daniel Carr
Daniel Carr
14. August, 2023.
Chris' help was life changing for us as parents and for our son. We are so glad we chose to work with Chris and would have paid twice the price to be in the position we are in now. We weren't sure if we were starting sleep training a little early (at 5 months), but Chris helped us navigate that and we were comforted by his assurance that we would be able to pause and then pick back up the sleep training in the event our son was not quite ready (not required in the end). Our son could not self-soothe. At night he would wake every 2 hours (or more frequently) and would only breastfeed to sleep. During the day he would only sleep in a carrier. Now our son sleeps an extra 3 hours per day (despite being 2 months older!) , can get himself to sleep and sleeps well in his cot (as well as in other cots, in the pram and in the car!). Chris was very open and honest with us throughout the process and was incredibly responsive over WhatsApp (our preferred mode of communication) so we always felt fully supported in what is inevitably a challenging process. Chris will always explain the approach he recommends taking and his methods do not involve simply 'cry it out' which is something we wanted to avoid. Put simply, it works and so if you're in two minds - go for it! You won't regret it.
Adrián Gómez Suárez
Adrián Gómez Suárez
9. August, 2023.
Chris has helped us get both our kids sleep on track. After working with him we are all getting much better sleep! Before becoming parents for the second time, one of the things that we felt confident about was baby sleep. We had learnt so much with our first child about the importance of setting up the sleep space and establishing an age-appropriate schedule. Unfortunately, we couldn’t seem to find an appropriate schedule for our second baby and at six months old he was still waking up very frequently (6+ times) overnight and needing to be nursed and rocked back to sleep each time. Naps were also challenging - needing to be in a dark, quiet room in the baby carrier. It was unsustainable when we also had a two-year-old. At the same time, our two-year-old (who had previously been falling asleep independently and sleeping through the night) had started needing one parent to stay with her to fall asleep for naps and bedtime and was also waking up multiple times a night. With Chris’ help our toddler went back to falling asleep independently and sleeping through. He fixed her schedule and gave us the tools to be consistent and set firm boundaries when she were stalling bedtime, while also allowing us to be reactive to her needs. Our baby now sleeps long stretches overnight and falls asleep independently at bedtime and nap time in his crib. We found Chris very knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and responsive to our questions. While he didn’t bombard us with information and advice, he was very willing to answer all our sleep-related questions and give us clear guidance for how to continue after our time with him came to an end. We would definitely recommend working Chris to help your kids (and you) get good quality sleep!
Dani Mounfield
Dani Mounfield
1. August, 2023.
Prior to getting support from Chris our then 9month old was waking multiple times each time, sometimes upto 12 times!! She now falls asleep independently and sleeps for around 11hrs a night. Chris was incredibly knowledgeable and really understood how difficult things were for us. He listened to our worries and helped adapt a routine that fit our lifestyle and allowed for flexibility. I can’t think of anything more Chris could have done to help us and would 100% recommend!!

How To become A Baby Sleep Consultant: FAQ’s

How long does it take to complete the online course?

The course can be completed online and at your own pace. It is about 12-15 hours of study depending on your individual learning style.

Do you provide ongoing support if I need help with clients?

Yes, you can join our support network where we have weekly calls to discuss specific client issues or ask any general questions you have.

How will the course be assessed?

You will be assessed at the end of the course by a series of question. Your answers will be submitted for review to assess your learning of the key objectives of the course.

Why is the sleep & business start-up course much cheaper than others available?

We don’t know why the other courses are priced so high but we saw an opportunity to create a top-class training programme at an affordable price to people. 

What is a baby sleep consultant's salary?

You can earn as much as you want to. If you want to earn about £2,000 – £3,000 per month, you will probably work with an average of 2 to 3 clients per week. If you want to earn a six-figure annual salary, you absolutely can achieve that too (also possible to do this in the first year!).

When will I make my investment back?

Depending on your consultation price, you would likely get a complete return on your investment after approximately 7 – 8 families. 

Can I work part time?

Yes, the nice thing is you can choose how many clients you want to take on. Typically a sleep consultant will charge between £250 – £350 per client for around 2 weeks of virtual support. Work out what you want to earn, and then set your price and how many clients you want to take on from there. 

Do I need to do a lot of media coverage?

It’s totally up to you and your business goals. To have a full time sleep consultancy, as well as supporting clients, it is good to build up blog content for your website and posts on social media as a way to advertise your services. We know some sleep consultants that pay a copywriter to do this side of things. You can choose to take on another 1 or 2 clients per month to cover the cost of paying someone else to do it. These are the topics we would cover in more detail in the Sleep Business Start-Up Course.

Will owning my own business involve long hours?

The best thing about owning a sleep consultancy is that you can choose when to work. Yes, there might be days where you have to work some extra hours, such as when your business launches, but you will be in control of your hours, when those hours in the day are and when you take time off.

I wouldn't even know how to get a client - where would I start?!

Everyone who wants to setup their own business has fears about where they will get their first client and how you will make money. But you will. With our support in the group training, we will assist you all the way to your first client. And the good thing about setting up a sleep consultancy is that there is very little upfront investment required apart from this course, your website and some marketing budget. This makes it a very low risk, high rewards project.