Life As A Sleep Consultant

No size fits all when it comes to life as a sleep consultant and that’s the beauty of it. If you’re fed up with missing out on family life and the moments that matter, becoming a sleep consultant gives you the flexibility to choose how much (or little) you work.

Since founding The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant®, we have launched a successful, fulfilling business from the comfort of our own home; one which fits around our (slightly hectic!) life with three little boys. We did it our way and we can help you do it your way.

Create the business that works for you

From a part-time business to a fulfilling and brand-new career, a sleep consultancy business is whatever you make it. Most consultants work virtually, so you’re empowered to choose where and when you work and with the number of clients that suits your lifestyle.

That could be anything from one or two clients per week, earning around £2K each month, going to 4 or 5 clients per week and beyond. However many hours you choose to practise, becoming a sleep consultant can be a lucrative business that provides the financial freedom to live the life you deserve.

Become part of a growing industry

We’re frequently asked if sleep consultancy is a saturated market. Our response? Absolutely not! With over 2,000 babies born every day in the UK alone, there is never a shortage of families that need help and many sleep consultants even have waiting lists.

Think of sleep consultants a little like hairdressers. You make your selection based on their style, experience, price or location, so there’s a hairdresser (and a sleep consultant!) to suit every client’s need. We’re here to help you identify your style, and design the business that allows you to grow and thrive.

Navigating your sleep consultant training

Some people worry about how they’ll find time to complete the training. We had the same concern before embarking on our own sleep consultant certifications. With demanding corporate careers and young children, we completed our training in the evenings and at weekends – or whenever we could find a spare 30 minutes!

It really comes down to how you prefer to organise your time, and being organised is key. It is worth putting in the extra hours in the short term, as becoming a sleep consultant means more flexible working and enjoying more free time with your family in the longer term. We can also connect you with a fantastic community of sleep consultants to share tips, advice and inspiration.

Choosing the course that’s right for you


We offer different online courses to suit every lifestyle, ambition and learning style. Choose from two sleep consultant courses, both offering a globally recognised Open College Network (OCN) qualification.


Sleep Consultant Certification Course

Our certification is all you need to become a practising infant sleep consultant around the world. Once you complete the training you will hold an OCN Infant Sleep Consultant Certification.

  • Online self-paced training
  • 12-15 hours of learning + assessment
  • Accredited, globally recognised Level 3 OCN qualification
  • Flexible payment plan


Sleep Consultant Certification & Business Start-Up Course

If you’re looking for a more supportive approach to set up your sleep consultant business, our sleep & business start-up training programme is perfect for you.

In addition to the sleep consultant certification, the course includes extensive training in 8 key business areas with nearly 50 modules on setting up and growing your sleep consultancy business.

We genuinely believe this is the most comprehensive training programme for sleep consultants on the market, and you won’t find this level of learning, sheer detail or practical advice (based on firsthand experience), anywhere else.

  • 60-90 hours of training
  • Accredited, globally recognised OCN qualification
  • Strategic business training, from how to secure your first client to setting and implementing your marketing strategy
  • 12 months’ post-course support & invaluable mentoring with Dani and Chris
  • Flexible payment plan
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