Sleep Consultant Certification Course

Everything you need to practice as an infant sleep consultant, anywhere in the world

Course Overview

Online self-paced training

Accredited, globally recognised Level 3 OCN qualification

12-15 hours of online learning + assessment

Access to our exclusive facebook community

Upgrade your life in less than a month

This really is possible, with our Sleep Consultant Certification course. Trust us – we did it! And you can too. With just 12-15 hours of online learning, which most students achieve in under one month, you will have the qualification you need to become a practising infant sleep consultant, working with clients where, how and when you choose.

Alongside an accredited, globally recognised Level 3 OCN certification, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to start working as a sleep consultant immediately, and will be on your way to creating the life you truly deserve to live.

How the sleep consultant training course works

The course consists of 19 online modules, which you complete at your own pace, plus an online assessment that you can take as many times as you may need.

And that’s it! You’ll be a fully qualified infant sleep consultant, with the freedom to choose how you work and the flexibility to be there for the moments that really matter.

What the course covers

The Sleep Consultant Certification Course covers everything you need to know to become a world-class infant sleep consultant. From understanding the all-important basics, from the science of sleep, sleep safety and the sleep environment, through to nap transitions, sleep training methods and failsafe routines for both babies and toddlers, we’re confident you won’t find a more comprehensive course.

Curated and presented personally by us, Dani and Chris, Founders of The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant®, you’ll also benefit from our firsthand experience, having worked with thousands of sleep-deprived families all over the globe. For a full overview of the course content read our Module Overview below.

Make your money back in a matter of weeks

One of the questions we’re asked a lot is how long it takes to recover the cost of the course. At just £399, the answer we tend to give is ‘not very long!’. A sleep consultant will normally charge between £250 and £450 for a virtual consultation, so with some pretty simple maths, you’ll see that with just one or maybe two clients, which we’ll even help you to secure, you’ll easily recover the cost of the course (plus a little more) within a few weeks.

Download our Earnings Guide here for more on this.

Join our supportive community

We know it’s a big decision to train to be a sleep consultant, so we’ve set up an exclusive facebook group to support you with every baby step or giant leap you make. You’ll be able to contact us at any time by posting on the page, or by sending us a personal message and we’ll respond with the support you need.  You’ll also be able to chat with past and present trainees of The Sleep Consultant Academy to share experiences and seek advice.

Watch our Certification Course Student Gina Tell You Her Story Of Full-Time Primary School Teacher to Full-Time Sleep Consultant in only 9 Months, whilst earning MORE…

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Sleep Consultant Certification & Business Start-Up

If you think you’d benefit from mentoring and support on starting your own sleep consultant business, including all things marketing and social media, in addition to the sleep consultant training, we also offer a Sleep Consultant Certification & Business Start-Up course where you would have your own sleep consultancy up and running by the end of the course.

Our bespoke courses have been accredited by leading training provider, Open College Network (OCN). We chose to partner with the OCN because unlike CPD, the OCN is a regulated body and is considered the gold standard regulated training provider. Sleep consulting is not a regulated industry, so taking a course like ours that has been certified by a regulated body, holds far more weight within the industry.

Course Modules

Below you’ll find a breakdown of all the modules we offer and what you’ll learn in each one.

Module 1: Introduction

Find out more about the course structure, what to expect and how to join our exclusive facebook community.

Module 2: The Science Of Sleep

Understanding how a baby sleeps is THE foundation of sleep consultancy. Here you’ll gain invaluable knowledge that will blow your mind, and eventually, those of your new clients.

Module 3: Safe Sleep

Knowing how to keep a baby safe during sleep is absolutely critical to working with families. Learn the golden rules when it comes to ensuring infants sleep safe and sound.

Module 4: The Sleep Environment

Discover how to create an environment that’s conducive to good quality sleep. In this module, we bust the myths and focus on what really works for babies and toddlers.

Module 5: Newborn Sleep

Learn the 4 essential key strategies that can positively impact a newborn’s sleeping patterns in just a few days.

Module 6: Night Feeding

We tackle the common misconceptions that families must stop night feeds and breastfeeding when looking to improve their child’s sleep. Instead, you’ll learn a proven method to help your clients achieve their feeding goals, whilst improving their infant’s sleep.

Module 7: Understanding A Baby's Sleep Needs

We navigate the sleep needs of different age groups as you learn how to build routines that work for babies and young children of all ages.

Module 8: Routines

Routine is the cornerstone of good sleep but if they’re too rigid they simply don’t work. Here you’ll learn our tried & tested, practical routines with room for families to flex to suit their busy lifestyles.

Module 9: Naps & Nap Transitions

Naps are a puzzle for many families and in this module, we look at what’s ‘normal’ and how to overcome the common obstacles. We also delve into some complex nap case studies, so you’re prepared for all scenarios. 

Module 10: Sleep Training - The Methods

You’ll learn a variety of key sleep training methods, the pros and cons of each, and in which scenarios they are best applied. You’ll then be equipped to choose the best method(s) for your particular client or scenario.

Module 11: Co-Sleeping

One of the more complex scenarios for a sleep consultant, you’ll learn which sleep training methods we recommend for co-sleeping families, how to navigate the challenges and how to effectively manage clients on this often sensitive subject.

Module 12: Advanced Sleep Training

Using case studies, we go through the most challenging sleep training issues you may face, equipping you with the essential skills and confidence to manage any scenario that comes your way.

Module 13: Complex Scenarios

Learn how to navigate some of the most complex sleep scenarios from using pacifiers or dummies to sleep regressions. Here we’ll share the knowledge we’ve gained through years of experience, ensuring you’re equipped from the outset.

Module 14: Toddlers

Understand why Toddlers are completely different from babies. Drawing from Dani’s degree in psychology, learn what makes a toddler tick, how they should be treated differently from babies, and which sleep training methods work best for them.

Module 15: Other Night Disturbances

Delve into some rarer but still complex scenarios and night-time disturbances, including how to handle night terrors and what to do when a toddler is scared of the dark.

Module 16: Parent Coaching

Communicating effectively with tired, emotional parents is a skill in itself. Learn the best methods to support clients, the types of communication challenges that may arise and how and when to introduce the other parent to the sleep training process (if applicable).

Modules 17: Case Studies

This module is devoted to delving through case studies to see how the theory plays out in real-life scenarios. Unpicking a wide range of sleep challenges and solutions sets you up for success from your very first client.

Modules 18: Reflux & Allergies

This module is delivered by one of our expert contributors Faye Higton, a Registered Nurse, Tongue Tie Practitioner, Breastfeeding Counsellor and Reflux and Colic guru, specialising in underlying causes, and a holisitc approach to all things for an unsettled baby. 

Modules 19: Autism & Anxiety in Sleep

This module is delivered by Autism & Anxiety Sleep Expert Lindsey Clark. Through her own personal exerpiences in Autism, she has become one of the UK’s leading sleep experts in this area.

The Online Assessment

Once you’ve completed all the modules, you’ll complete an online assessment.  You can take the assessment at your own pace (there’s no time limit) and as many times as you need to. 

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Hear what some of our other students are saying

Nothing gives us more joy than hearing from our students and watching their journey into life as sleep consultants. Take a look at some of the reviews we’ve had on our courses.


“I am so relieved to have found your course. After completing it at my own pace, which suited my lifestyle, I now have started my own business. I took the leap! After your course, I had the confidence to leave my old career and start a new one that suits my family lifestyle. It was informative and the tasks set gave me an insight into life as a sleep consultant.
This course has given me the flexibility to be more present with my young family! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”



“I can’t tell you how much I’ve loved the learning and you’ve both been so helpful at every stage – you can tell you’ve put your hearts and souls into this training.”



“The accreditation course content is brilliant, it is sectioned and displayed out really well so it doesn’t come across as too overwhelming with loads of information in one go. Really informative and a great foundation to starting your journey as a sleep consultant.”



“Over the past few months, I’ve been on the hunt for the best online sleep training course, and I stumbled upon The Sleep Consultant Academy. Those awesome reviews convinced me to give it a shot, and I can honestly say I wasn’t let down! I’ve picked up so much new info that I never knew before. I’ve been working with babies for a long time, but this course made me realise there’s always more to learn, and I’m glad I took the plunge. It’s been a huge help in my job as a maternity nurse and will surely boost my future career as a sleep consultant.”



“I would like to thank Dani and Chris for their course. I think their journey to this point is aspirational. I hope to help as many families as I can after now completing the course. The payment options are inline with their ethos of helping people and the support system options that follow are amazing. I really just can’t wait to get started! Truly changed my life – after having my first baby 7 months ago, I have been filled with dread knowing I’d have to leave my Son and also the anxiety of returning to a job I hated! Thank you again and I would recommend this certification course to anyone considering infant sleep consultancy.”



“Great course, gave me a lot of knowledge and confidence! Highly recommend them!”


Where our students come from…


Wondering what life as a sleep consultant looks like?

If you are looking to become a sleep consultant but aren’t sure if it’s the right move for you and your family, you can watch our short video (~10mins) where we talk about what life is like as a sleep consultant, what you can earn, and why we would choose to make the same decision time and time again if we had to.


How do I access the course after I buy it?

As soon as you pay for the course, we will send you an email with all the information and you can start the course immediately. You receive lifetime access, so you can complete the course entirely at your own pace.

How long does it take to complete the course?

It takes approximately 12-15 hours of online learning, plus an assessment, which shouldn’t take more than an hour.  All learning is self-paced and you can take the assessment as many times as you need to.

Is there an assessment at the end?

Yes. It takes around an hour to complete and you can take it as many times as you need to.

What qualification will I receive?

The course is an OCN Level 3 qualification, which is the level you need to start practising as a sleep consultant immediately. We offer sleep consultant courses accredited by leading training provider, Open College Network (OCN). We chose to partner with the OCN because unlike CPD, the OCN is a regulated body and is considered the gold standard regulated training provider. Sleep consulting is not a regulated industry, so by taking a course like ours that has been certified, you are receiving the highest possible qualification for our industry.

Do I receive a certificate or other proof of certification?

You receive an e-Certificate (and a paper certificate if required for a small additional fee).

Is this all I need to become a sleep consultant?

Yes, your OCN Level 3 qualification is all you need to start practising immediately.

Does it include any information/training on starting my business?

Not in the Sleep Consultant Certification Course but if this is something you would like, we also offer the Sleep Consultant Certification & Business Start-Up Course, which includes 25-30 hours of LIVE business training over 8 sessions with Dani and Chris.

Do you provide ongoing support when the course has finished?

Yes, you receive access to a private facebook group where you will be able to chat with past and present trainees of The Sleep Consultant Academy to share experiences and seek advice. Dani and Chris will also be in the group regularly sharing help and advice.

When will I make my money back on the cost of the course?

It is possible to make your money back on the Sleep Consultant Certification Course (£399) with your first client. Download our Sleep Consultant Earnings Guide to find out more.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay in instalments. Information is provided at checkout.

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