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Are you thinking about a new career or an upskill to your existing one? Or have you just had enough of your corporate job and you now see there are other options out there?

Our internationally-recognised certification is all you need to become a practicing infant sleep consultant and CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

The course itself is governed through the Open College Network (OCN) and on completion, you will hold an Infant Sleep Consultant accreditation enabling you to confidently practice with families who are in desperate need of your help.

The course can be accessed immediately upon purchase through the website, and completed at your own pace. It is about 10-12 hours of study depending on your individual learning style, with a question-and-answer assessment at the end to validate all of your learnings.

On passing this assessment, you will receive your certification and your infant sleep consultant journey can begin.

Here is what you get in the online course:


  • Sleep training methods: we cover the full spectrum of all available methods and how to apply them as a new sleep consultant enabling you to successfully apply them with real-life clients.
  • Safe sleep guidelines and everything you need to know about practicing safe sleep so you can comfortably advise new parents on how to keep their baby safe.
  • Newborn sleep and what you can do to support young babies with their sleep patterns and help them sleep much better. We focus on the top 4 strategies that will literally change newborn sleep in just a few days.
  • The science of sleep: knowing how sleep physiology works, which will help you understand why little ones have certain sleep challenges giving you the knowledge that you can confidently apply in your own consultancy.
  • Developmental leaps, how they can impact sleep at different ages and how to help parents when they go through this.
  • In-depth assessment of day routines for infants at different ages, including optimal wake windows, number of naps, ideal 24 hour sleep amount and much more, allowing you to successfuly help families get into good daytime routines and manage difficult days when things don’t go to plan.
  • Toddlers and how their needs and sleep training methods are different from babies because of their increased mobility, needs and brain capacity.
  • Other sleep related topics such as night terrors and nightmares, and how can you support a family going through them.
  • Coaching and the relationship with parents/caregivers to ensure you can be the best sleep consultant possible.

Ready To Start Your New Career As An Infant Sleep Consultant?


How will I access the course after I buy it?

You will be able to access the course instantly by logging in using the login button at the top of the homepage and entering your email address and password used at checkout.

Can I Pay In Installments?

Yes, if you go to checkout and pay with Klarna, you will be able to pay in 3 amounts: a third upfront, a third after 30 days and the final third after 60 days.

How Long Will The Course Take To Complete?

It will take around 10-12 hours of learning depending on your individual style. There is a final assessment at the end which you need to pass to be certified. If you don’t pass it, don’t worry – you can re-sit it as many times as you need, and we will guide you on where you need to increase your knowledge.

Does It Include Any Business Knowledge?

This accreditation course is all about providing you with the relevant sleep knowledge and certifying you as a sleep consultant. Business knowledge is provided in our live training in our other course.

Can I Really Become A Sleep Consultant With This Course?

Yes! When Chris first started out, all he did was an online accreditation course and we launched our business and our first client in only 5 weeks. This might not be your intention, but you can become practicing sleep consultant in just a couple of weeks.

If you still have some questions around our certification course, why not watch our video below where co-founder Dani talks a little more about her life as a sleep consultant and how the course works.

Here are some of what your Certification Course students have to say…

Who is the Certification Course suitable for?

The course is ideal for:

  • Anyone who wants to start a new career which is empowering, fulfilling and lucrative.
  • Midwives who wish to help new parents get good sleep practices in place.
  • Health visitors supporting families.
  • Nursery workers, nannies or childminders who want to upskill their CV or have a second career.

We have written the course using all of the experience gained from working with over 2000 families.

The course is practical, easy to follow, and has a fairly short assessment at the end based on all your learnings.

If you don’t pass it first time around, that’s OK – you can keep trying until you do, and with our guidance.

P.s. for anyone who has no experience in the childcare industry, we worked in Finance in London for 15 years so it’s definitely not a barrier to starting this exciting new career.

P.p.s You can put the course investment though as a business cost in your first year of trading.


Ready To Start Your New Career As An Infant Sleep Consultant?

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