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We are passionate about helping children sleep and we are also passionate about helping people create the life they truly want. We have helped over 2000 families with our sleep consultancy The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant, whilst having the life we truly want. 

So it felt completely natural to have our Academy training people to become sleep consultants.

Our Academy offers two very distinct courses: our Certification Course which is all about understanding sleep and becoming a certified sleep consultant; and our Sleep Business Start-Up course which is about helping you launch your very own sleep consultancy

Both courses come with payment plan options*.

Below you will find details on both courses and what they can offer you. If you are unsure about which might be best for you, contact us and we can guide you to the best option.

*Subject to eligibility, decided by Klarna/PayPal.

The online Certification contains all of the following and more:


  • Sleep training methods: we cover the full spectrum of all available methods and how to apply them as a new sleep consultant.
  • Safe sleep guidelines and everything you need to know about practicing safe sleep so you can comfortably advise new parents.
  • Newborn sleep and what you can do to support young babies with their sleep patterns and help them sleep much better.
  • The science of sleep: knowing how sleep physiology works, which will help you understand why little ones have certain sleep challenges giving you the knowledge that you can confidently apply in your business.
  • In-depth assessment of day routines for infants at different age.
  • Case Studies & Final Assessment which leads to full Certification.

This is our fully-immersed, live training course helping you launch your new sleep consultancy.

You will automatically receive access to the Certification Course and you will also get the following:


  • 25 hours of LIVE online sleep and business training directly with Dani & Chris.
  • How to create your brand and setup a business from scratch.
  • How to get your all important first client with our perfect discovery call script.
  • How to on-board clients and run sleep consultations.
  • Working with challenging clients and how to overcome those obstacles.
  • And loads more. Click the button below to find out.
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