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Thinking about doing a sleep consultant training course?

Are you thinking about becoming a sleep consultant but have so many unanswered questions? Is it going to be the right career for you? How much can I earn? Where will I get my clients from?

These are all normal questions and concerns. In fact, we would be worried if you weren’t thinking about these things because starting a new career! We had the same questions too when we started.

Co-founders in the bluebell fields with their 2 eldest sons.

But setting up our own consultancy The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant was also the most exciting, most rewarding thing that we’ve ever done (apart from having kids!). And we want to help you do the same.

3 Reasons Why You Should Do A Baby Sleep Consultant Training Course

Let’s talk about why you would want to become a certified baby sleep consultant.

  • It’s a hugely fulfilling career. You are helping families overcome debilitating sleep deprivation which can impact their physical, mental and emotional health and give them a whole new lease of life. Even as experienced sleep consultants, we never get used to that feeling when we’ve changed a whole family’s happiness.

  • It’s a financially rewarding career. It depends on what you want to make out of your own sleep consultancy business. For some families, that might be a couple of thousand pounds per month; for others it’s a six-figure business. You get to choose what you make, and it’s not like there’s a shortage of babies not sleeping!

  • The flexibility for your family life will never be matched by any other career. Sleep consultancy has always been flexible, but since the pandemic, more and more sleep consultants do all of their work remotely from home. Which means no travel, no sleepless nights away from your own kids and being able to work completely around your family and their needs.

Co-founders Dani & Chris with their sons

For us, the biggest drivers of becoming sleep consultants have been the flexible lifestyle. With 3 young children at home, we’ve been able to be there for them at every stage of their life: their first steps, their first words, and then being there to do every school and nursery run is so important to both of us.

You can find out more about our lifestyle, as well as working hours and potential earnings by watch our video here.

What does a Baby Sleep Consultant do?

An infant sleep consultant will work with families to change an infant’s sleep patterns and provide sleep support for that family.

For most babies and toddlers, this will require some of type of sleep training method. It will also usually mean looking at their bedtime routine, their sleep environment and their daytime routine.

Depending on the method used and the client’s goals, usually change and improvement can be achieved in as little as 1-2 weeks. And you will have a much happier baby and family who will sing your praises for months and years to come.

How Much Does An Infant Sleep Training Course Cost?

The cost will vary depending on the provider but usually around £350-400 is the norm in the UK.

Our Sleep Consultant Certification Course

Our Sleep Consultant Training Course which is our Certification Course and will enable you to become a certified sleep consultant within about 12-15 hours of study. You can find more details on pricing and the modules here.

Image of TSCA academy logo and infant sleep consultant training course

We became infant sleep consultants with a sleep consultant training course like ours, albeit less extensive in our opinion. The people who wrote the course we did weren’t practicing sleep consultants and that’s why we believe our course is different.

We are still practising sleep consultants and believe our sleep consultant training ensures you have the most up to date knowledge, with real-life case studies to back it up, to help you successfully launch your own sleep coaching business.

Is your baby sleep consultant training UK only?

Our sleep consultant courses are not UK only. Our courses will certify you anywhere in the world, and allow you to work anywhere in the world. We have students from places such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, USA amongst many others in Europe, Asia and Africa.

What is a baby sleep consultant’s salary?

So now you know a little more about the investment costs, the courses on offer, the rewarding lifestyle. But what about how much you can earn as a sleep consultant?

We encourage you to watch our video here where we talk you through an example of a potential salary, as well as a typical working day and the flexibility it gives us a family.

How long does it take to complete baby sleep consultant training courses?

Courses will vary depending on provider, but our online certification course is about 12-15 hours of study. It’s with the UK’s regulated training and accreditation provider: Open College Network (OCN) and will certify you anywhere in the world, to be able to support clients anywhere in the world.

With our more immersive Sleep & Business Start-Up course, you would do the certified sleep training course and then also the live training directly with us.

Do I need to be a medical professional to do become a baby sleep consultant?

No, definitely not. There are no pre-requisites for becoming a sleep consultant. Our backgrounds were in Finance – specifically HR & Operations. Though, we do think the best sleep consultants are the ones who are empathetic, warm in nature and are good communicators.

Mum with her daughter on a laptop and ipa

You will be working with tired clients and as a sleep coach, they will need your support to get them through the changes.

Can I run my own business as a certified baby sleep consultant?

Yes you absolutely can. There are training providers out there who do franchise businesses (an example of a franchise is McDonald’s) but we don’t believe in that model.

Mum sitting on sofa with her daughter and laptop

We believe you should be able to setup your own business, become a hugely successful sleep consultant and keep all your profits rather than paying them back to the franchise owner.

Will owning my own business involve long hours?

Whenever you start any new business, there will be longer hours as you invest time into learning more about it, working on building your business and then running it day to day.

However, if you are passionate about something, setting up a business is exciting and it doesn’t feel like work.

Then, over time, as you get more experienced and have the right marketing strategies in place to attract clients, you will spend less time running the day to day of the business.

And you can dictate how much you want to spend working by choosing how many clients you want to work with.

That’s the beauty of being a sleep consultant – you can pick and choose when you want to work, where you want to work and how many clients you want to work with.

What’s the best baby sleep consultant training course online?

We are obviously biased but we believe our courses as the best as you are learning from one of the world’s leading sleep consultancies. We currently practice which means we keep up to date with all the current trends, the current issues and how to overcome them. And this information and experience shines through in the Certification Course, and then also in our live training.

If you have any questions about our courses, please reach out to us here and we will happily answer any of your questions. And remember, you can watch our video detailing what being a sleep consultant is really like, including a day in the life of, working hours and potential earnings.



Will there be ongoing support with your sleep consultant training course?

Yes, we provide you with access to our private facebook group along with the other sleep consultant training course students so you can ask questions and access the necessary support.

Will you help me launch my own sleep consultancy business?

Whilst we will also be in the private facebook group, if you want help to launch your business, you would need to look at our Sleep Business Start-Up Course – more details on that can be found here.

Does the course teach controlled crying?

The sleep consultant training course teaches all of the key sleep training methods. We do not push one method on you as we want you to leave our course with a holistic approach, allowing you to setup the consultancy and brand which fits you and your ideal clients.

What does the course content include?

The accredited training course has 18 modules with 47 lessons in total. Don’t worry, the modules are small and intended to focus on the key information and knowledge you need to know, and also to keep your interest levels high! The course should take around 12-15 hours of study, with the final assessment taking about 1 hour.

Will I have to complete the sleep course by a set date?

No. You can very much do the course at your own pace. The course offers lifetime access, with no limit on the number of times needed to pass the assessment.

How do I know I will feel confident to support clients and improve sleep issues for them?

The knowledge you will gain from the course, which is evidence based and using real life case studies and experience from our own consultancy will help prepare you for the most complex scenarios. We even have a module on parent coaching so you know what to expect from your clients and how to manage certain communications.

Co-founder Dani sitting at white kitchen table with laptop

Who are the course tutors?

The course is written and taught by co-founders, and husband and wife, Dani & Chris McFadden. They are owners of UK leading sleep consultancy The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant and live and breathe helping families sleep better.

Co-founders Dani & Chris in lavender fields with their eldest son Teddy

If you want to more, please contact us and we’d love to speak with you further.


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