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Why Choose Us?

Because we have done this journey already! As the founders of leading global infant sleep consultancy, The Daddy Sleep Consultant®, we know exactly what it’s like to build a hugely successful infant sleep business from the bottom up. We built our business from scratch in just 4 weeks – from idea generation to our first client, so we know what works, what doesn’t work, and which business strategies can help you achieve the right size of business for you. Your goal might be to have 2 or 3 clients per week and bring in an extra £2,500-£3,500 per month, or you may want to turn this into a six-figure business. The sky is your limit!

The sleep industry is growing so quickly and there has never been a better time to train as a sleep consultant. The last couple of years have offered so many health practitioners the flexibility to launch a business from the comfort of their own home. Offering coaching support virtually means our hours are 100% flexible around family life.

We have worked with over 1,000 clients all over the world. I don’t think there is anything we haven’t seen now! We have distilled all our knowledge of working with families into this course to give you the best platform to start your business. We want you to come out of this course with your formal qualification, as well as the confidence and skills to set up your own business and be an outstanding sleep consultant.

Our online accredited course covers everything you need to know about infant sleep and provide you with that essential certification. And if you want us to help you build a successful and long-lasting business, then we can help you achieve that through our sleep business start-up programme or VIP package.

Why Our Academy Is The Best Choice For You

What makes our academy different from the others? Here are just a few of the reasons why: 


  • We can help you build your own stand-alone business without linking it to our sleep consultancy. It will be 100% your own business. 
  • We do not believe that you have to be an ex-midwife, nurse, carer or even a mum to become a successful sleep consultant. We believe anyone can build a hugely successful sleep consultant career as long as you are committed to learning, are driven, and like to work with people. 
  • One half of our team is a Dad, the only male sleep consultant in the UK (and possibly globally). Our clients are dads, gay parents, single parents and other family setups, and we have the experience to help you build a brand that is truly inclusive, increasing your appeal in a profession that is primarily focused on breastfeeding mums. 
  • We will give you all of our secrets to what makes a sleep consultancy successful, including full training on our acclaimed “The Daddy Sleep Consultant training method”. 
  • With almost 200 reviews across Google and social media, our infant sleep consultancy is unrivalled in positive success stories. We can help you achieve the same.  
  • We can build you a website too, often the biggest barrier for people to launch their business.


Find out more about our courses:

Our bespoke courses been accredited by leading training providers, OCN. Sleep Consulting is not a regulated industry so being certified by courses which have been approved, like ours, is the highest qualification you can get for this profession. 

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