Why Libby decided to train to be a sleep consultant

Women train to be sleep consultants for many different reasons. Some because they want a full flexible work life around their children, some because they are looking for an exciting new adventure and to build a business of their own around their family. And then there are ones that, above it all, are super passionate about infant sleep. And Libby sits in that camp.

When I first spoke to Libby about setting up a sleep consultancy, I knew she was a woman that knew what she wanted. As a working mum of 3, she asked me “can I do this and still work”? 

I am so pleased she decided the answer to that question was yes. I caught up with Libby this week and asked her to share her tips to other women thinking about starting a sleep consultancy alongside another job.


Libby, tell me why you decided to train as an infant sleep consultant.

I had my first baby in lockdown and the sleep deprivation quickly set in. We sought out a sleep consultant around the 5-6 month mark and she transformed his (and our!) sleep within a fortnight. When I fell pregnant again – but this time with twins – I took a more proactive approach to tackling sleep before they arrived so I had the tools to optimise our newborn twins’ sleep and create healthy sleep habits from the outset. This made such a huge difference to our overall mental health and mindset. 

Throughout the process I loved learning more about the science of newborn and baby sleep and I had first had experience of how debilitating sleep deprivation can be. 


“I qualified as a Sleep Consultant as I loved the idea of being able to support other families feel like themselves again or reclaim their evenings as a result of their babies sleeping better.”


Libby, this is the big question. How did you manage to study alongside your job?

I took it slowly and I’m a planner! I completed the majority of the course material towards the end of maternity leave with the twins over a number of months and completed my final assessment when returning to my full time job. It’s not always been easy – I need strict boundaries in place when it comes my job, sleep consultancy business and family commitments otherwise I will feel like I’m doing a half good job at each aspect of my life!

Forward planning my consultations, marketing and social media content is key to managing time efficiently and building my business organically. The biggest challenge I have found is the amount of work that goes into setting up a business from scratch however the support received from Chris and Dani at the Academy is invaluable.

You have always been passionate about sleep, but tell me what you are enjoying most about working with clients.

“I have generated a steady stream of new clients since setting up and I’m currently at maximum capacity in only 3 months of starting my business.”

I have always been a good listener and empath; having the ability to identify ways to improve sleep and supporting families through the execution is incredibly rewarding to see these advancements within a matter of weeks.

The best part of my job is seeing how much the coaching has improved my clients’ wellbeing and mental health alongside happy, contented sleepy babies.

I want parents to ‘thrive not survive’ their journey through parenthood and my mission is to help as many families as possible achieve this positive mindset through gentle, gradual sleep coaching.


Are you pleased you decided to train as an infant sleep consultant?

I have worked incredibly hard to build Libby Sleep Consultancy and within a short space of time I have created a business which is 100% authentic and what you see is what you get.  I think it is really important to be honest and open about how parenting isn’t an easy ride and being educated on how sleep can positively impact our mental and physical health. 


Libby, final question. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about becoming an infant sleep consultant?

Have confidence in your ability and ambition. 

“Don’t be put off by the barriers you may anticipate e.g. how to set up a business (Dani and Chris have you covered), but focus on what opportunity it could lead to. Go for it!”


As I’m sure you will agree, Libby should be so proud of herself. Growing a business to capacity in just 3 months is amazing in itself and to do that alongside 3 young children as well as working another job. What a superstar!

What I love so much about The Sleep Consultant Academy is I get to surround myself with women like this every day. Women that know what they want and make it happen. Alongside all this, Libby is such a lovely and supportive person within the Academy network and is there to encourage and share ideas with her fellow graduates.

If you would like to be part of this amazing community and transform your life with a career as an infant sleep consultant, check out our training options here.



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