Our Graduates

We wouldn’t be the academy we are without our amazing students and graduates.

Below you will find some of them, including details of their company name, their websites, a little bio and their social media handles.

Meet Georgie, Aurora Sleep Consultancy

Georgie’s ethos is: “evidence-based sleep advice. Creating bespoke sleep packages adapted to you and your baby.

What Georgie enjoyed most about the course: “The super supportive cohort and the ongoing contact with Dani & Chris.

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Meet Jess, The Good Night Sleep Consultant

Jess’ ethos is: “I combine an-depth understanding of infant sleep with a Mummy’s heart; gentle methods with a highly supportive model to bring clients amazing results. .

What Jess enjoyed most about the course: “Being exposed to Chris & Dani’s expertise and watching my own knowledge grow and develop beyond what I could have expected. I have loved the community which has evolved – and count a number of my cohort not only as a sounding board for me when I come across something new or unusual, but as genuine friends.

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Meet Liz, North Star Sleep Consultancy


Liz’s approach is about navigating infant sleep journeys together using gentle self-settling methods, and prioritising the health and well-being of every family. 

What Liz enjoyed most about the course: “Absorbing the wealth of knowledge Chris and Dani brought to the course and the support of my cohort – the best group of cheerleaders!

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Meet Ilona, Sleeping Stars


Ilona is all about finding a solution to any sleep problem.

Starting your own business section was very useful for the person who has never started one before, but also in depth analysis of complex cases gave me much more confidence in my abilities“

I particularly found the ‘starting your own business’ section of the course very useful for the person who has never started one before, but also in-depth analysis of complex cases gave me much more confidence in my abilities”

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Meet Lauren, Wide-Awake Club


Lauren says: “I love being able to find gentle solutions which help families at their time of need. I know how difficult it can be when you’re sleep deprived, and strive to fully support each child and parent through the process towards better sleep.

What Lauren said about the course: “I thoroughly enjoyed the Sleep Business Course. Dani and Chris shared their passion for infant sleep and their support has been priceless. I particularly enjoyed the business and marketing aspect.”

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Meet Mounia, Mounia Sleep Consultant


Mounia says: “I want to empower parents with the sleep tools needed to be able to empower their children .

What Mounia enjoyed most about the course: “I loved the fact I never wanted the zoom sessions to end, I throughly enjoyed it!”

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Meet Gina, Gina The Baby Sleep Coach

Gina says: “This course help me be more present with my young family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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Meet Gaby, Tiny Moon Sleep Consultant


Gaby says: “Recognising that a well-rested family is a happier and healthier one, my goal is to help babies and families to thrive using gentle methods for improving sleep. My view is that baby and infant sleep is not ‘one size fits all’ and therefore I offer a personal approach, adapted to meet the needs of each family. 

What Gaby enjoyed most about the course: “…is without a doubt the unrivalled support of Chris and Dani and my amazing cohort of trainees.”

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Meet Cate, Cate Hope Peaceful Nights


Cate says: “I want to support and empower parents to help their babies and children achieve independent, good quality sleep.

What Cate enjoyed most about the course: “My favourite part of the course is the amazing ongoing business support from Chris and Dani.”

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Meet Rebecca, The Gentle Sleep Consultant


Rebecca says: “The beauty of my program lies in its flexibility, allowing for customisation to align with your sleep goals. Whether you prefer a gradual and gentle process or a more progressive approach for quicker improvements, we can adapt our method to suit your specific needs. As a qualified Lactation Consultant, I prioritise ensuring that your child also has a good feeding pattern and necessary milk feeds are protected.”

What Rebecca enjoyed most about the course: “I was really surprised at the amazing content on the course. I have never experienced such an immersive course before. It was the best decision I made choosing The Sleep Consultant Academy!


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Meet Jess, Twilight Tots


Jess says: “I know exactly how it feels to be surviving on a total lack of sleep and not knowing what to try next after having our Daughter! I realised how vital a good nights sleep is and decided that I wanted to support families to get restful sleep and create healthy sleep habits by using responsive & gentle methods.”

What Jess enjoyed most about the course: “My 2 favourite parts of the course were learning the science behind infant sleep and understanding how to improve sleep whilst also ensuring that parents are not trapped at home!”

Meet Laura, Press Snooze


Laura says: “I believe quality sleep is an important foundation of health and happiness for everyone. By supporting and optimising infant’s and children’s sleep through comforting and reassuring methods I strive to empower parents so they can rest easy, knowing they are doing their best to get vital sleep to help their family thrive.”

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Meet Dannie, Well Rested Sleep Coach


Dannie says: “I know how exhausting and mentally draining it can be when your little one doesn’t sleep and I also understand how hard / scary it can be to ask someone to enter into your family dynamic and change your current routine. I want to help families on their journey to better sleep because we all deserve to feel well rested. 

Dannie’s favourite part of the course she was “meeting so many like-minded people – we all want to help other families and we all feel so strongly about the importance of sleep.”

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Meet Rachel, Sleep Support Sleep Consultant

A gentle sleep consultant providing support to families struggling with infant sleep.

About the course Rachel said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the course run by Dani and Chris. I found each session informative and fun to learn. I also love how supportive everyone has become of one another on their new business adventure,

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Meet Shannon, Cosy Bubs

Shannon says: “I strongly believe that no parent should have to just accept being sleep deprived! As someone who has come out the other side of sleep deprivation with my own baby, it is my passion and aim to help other families in resolving their child’s sleep issues. I intend to break the stigma that sleep training is ‘leaving your baby to cry’, so when creating a plan that is bespoke to your child, I use gentle and responsive methods only.

What Shannon enjoyed most about the course: “The best thing about the course was the interactive live sessions. Being able to discuss all the modules and ask as many questions as I needed, helped me to learn so much. We all had some great conversations! I also loved being with a lovely group of ladies who I know I can rely on now if I ever need any advice!”

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Meet Sophie, Baby Sleep Repeat


Sophie says: “I work with parents to devise a gentle and bespoke sleep plan that fits within their family life. I aim to educate and support families to get the restful night’s sleep that they deserve.”

What Sophie enjoyed most about the course: “The supportive group that I trained within, and the wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm from Dani and Chris.”

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Meet Suzanne, The Jolly Sleep Consultant


Suzanne says: “I want to help families get the sleep they deserve with a gentle, obtainable approach suited to their individual lifestyle.”

What Suzanne enjoyed most about the course: “I loved how interactive it was and how we all felt part of a team – it can be quite daunting starting a business alone so the support from others really helped!”

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Meet Tami, The Baby Days Sleep


Tami says: “In my practice I only use responsive methods and this course has all the methods including lots of gentle, responsive ones which is great.”

What Tami enjoyed most about the course: “I learned alot and really enjoyed the content. Thank you!

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Meet Elahe, Help Mothers Sleep

Elahe, our first Iranian students, says: “I want to help mothers so that their children sleep well so that they can raise their children with more strength.

What Elahe said about the course: “I’m really glad I took this course, I’m really thankful to Dani and Chris for making it possible for us to take this course online.”

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