Our Graduates

Meet Chloe, Quiet Nights Sleep Consultant


Chloe’s mantra is “helping families to get a better nights sleep with a bespoke gentle sleep training plan to get you and your baby the sleep you all deserve”

1:1 packages start from £129

Chloe’s favourite thing about The Sleep Consultant Academy was the vast knowledge and experience provided by Chris and Dani. 

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Meet Dannie, Well Rested Sleep Coach


Dannie says: “I know how exhausting and mentally draining it can be when your little one doesn’t sleep and I also understand how hard / scary it can be to ask someone to enter into your family dynamic and change your current routine. I want to help families on their journey to better sleep because we all deserve to feel well rested. 

“I offer 3 personalised packages with varying levels of support to ensure you, as the parent, feel supported in a way that works with your family’s sleep needs.”

Dannie’s favourite part of the course she was “,eeting so many like-minded people – we all want to help other families and we all feel so strongly about the importance of sleep.”

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Meet Ilona, Sleeping Stars


Ilona is all about finding a solution to any sleep problem.

Sleeping Stars offers bespokecan off you a personalised sleep plans which you can work through yourselfplan and consultation or with 3-week support fromincluded. Ilona also offers a prenatal/newborn consultation.

Starting your own business section was very useful for the person who has never started one before, but also in depth analysis of complex cases gave me much more confidence in my abilities“I particularly found the ‘starting your own business’ section of the course very useful for the person who has never started one before, but also in-depth analysis of complex cases gave me much more confidence in my abilities”

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Meet Kaylea, Tired Little Monkeys

As a sleep coach, I will work with you and your family to create a bespoke plan catered for your child’s needs.

My favourite thing about The Sleep Consultant Academy was meeting like-minded people.

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Meet Lauren, Wide-Awake Club


Lauren says: “I love being able to find gentle solutions which help families at their time of need. I know how difficult it can be when you’re sleep deprived, and strive to fully support each child and parent through the process towards better sleep.

She offers 1:1 Consultations which include 3 weeks of unlimited support, a bespoke routine and sleep plan to help overcome your babies sleep problems. She also offers phone call support for help establishing routines and troubleshooting sleep problems.

What Lauren said about the course: “I thoroughly enjoyed the Sleep Consultant Course. Dani and Chris shared their passion for infant sleep and their support has been priceless. I particularly enjoyed the business and marketing aspect.”

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Meet Liz, North Star Sleep Consultancy


Liz’s approach is about navigating infant sleep journeys together using gentle self-settling methods, and prioritising the health and well-being of every family. 

She offers bespoke sleep plans supported by personalised routines focused on the individual sleep needs of each child, as well as guidance to support new or expectant parents.

What Liz enjoyed most about the course: “Absorbing the wealth of knowledge Chris and Dani brought to the course and the support of my cohort – the best group of cheerleaders!.”

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Meet Rachel, Sleep Support Sleep Consultant


A gentle sleep consultant providing support to families struggling with infant sleep.

She offers two packages:

  • Sleep support – consultation and plan
  • Sleep support plus- consultation, plan and 3 weeks unlimited support

About the course Rachel said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the course run by Dani and Chris. I found each session informative and fun to learn. I also love how supportive everyone has become of one another on their new business adventure,

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Meet Rachel, The Infant Sleep Coach


Rachel says “I use gentle, responsive methods to calmly teach your little one how to fall asleep and stay asleep independently. I will work hand in hand with you and support you every step of the way throughout your little one’s sleep journey.”

Rachel works with children from 5 months to 6 years of age. Her Bespoke Plan Plus package comes with 4 weeks support.

“The Sleep Consultant Academy Course was amazing, I particularly enjoyed having the interactive video lessons with Chris and Dani which embedded everything I had learnt already through the brilliant course material.”

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Meet Sophie, Baby Sleep Repeat


Sophie says: “I work with parents to devise a gentle and bespoke sleep plan that fits within their family life. I aim to educate and support families to get the restful night’s sleep that they deserve.”

She offers 1:1 Consultations with and without support and sleep guides are coming soon.

What Sophie enjoyed most about the course: “The supportive group that I trained within, and the wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm from Dani and Chris.”

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