Sleep Consultant Certification & Business Start-Up Course

Qualify as a sleep consultant AND set up your sleep consultancy with live business training & support from The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant®

Course Overview

12-15 hours of online learning + assessment

Accredited, globally recognised Level 3 OCN qualification

25-30 hours of LIVE, interactive sleep and business training

Strategic business advice, from securing clients to setting your marketing strategy

3 months post-course support & personal mentoring with Dani or Chris

Only £2,999 +VAT

Our June course has now sold out so our next Live Training Course is in July with places already filling up

Click here for the course dates.

Watch our short 12mins video to find out more about the lifestyle, the working hours and the potential earnings as a sleep consultant. We think you will like what you hear. From there you can then book a 30mins call directly with Dani to go through any questions you have.

Setting You Up For Success

Our Sleep Consultant Certification & Business Start-Up Course not only provides you with the qualification you need to start practising as a sleep consultant immediately but also means you’ll finish the course with a brand new business, set up for success.

As well as self-paced online training, you’ll take part in 25-30 hours of live, interactive business training over 4 weeks, personally hosted by us, Dani and Chris, Founders of The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant®, based on our personal journey to becoming sleep consultants and successful entrepreneurs.

How the course works

The course runs quarterly and provides you with the knowledge, tools and certification to start your sleep consultant business.  As well as completing the online sleep consultant training course and assessment, you’ll attend 8 live virtual training sessions in small groups, where you’ll gain the skills and confidence to build a successful career that’s both flexible and fulfilling. This includes a weekend delving even further into sleep, and then 5 sessions focused on building your new business.

We’ll hold your hand through every step of the business start-up process and equip you with the tools and templates you need to fast-track to a lucrative business that provides the financial freedom to live the life you truly deserve.  We’ll share our firsthand experience of creating our own consultancy and offer every client 3 months of post-course support. 

The dates for the March course can be found here.


What the course covers

We know exactly what it takes to build a hugely successful infant sleep business from the bottom up, so the business start-up training covers every aspect of starting your sleep consultancy business. From choosing a business name to securing your first client and implementing a robust marketing plan, you’ll learn the strategies that will (and won’t) help you to succeed.

The Sleep Consultant Certification part of the course covers everything you need to know to become a world-class infant sleep consultant. From understanding the basics, from the science of sleep, sleep safety and the sleep environment, through to nap transitions, sleep training methods and failsafe routines for both babies and toddlers, we’re confident you won’t find a more comprehensive course.

Here’s what’s included

  • The online Sleep Consultant Certification Course (worth £399). This covers the foundations of sleep knowledge, which you need to read before the live training
  • 25-30 hours of LIVE online sleep and business training with Dani & Chris. This is where we bring your sleep knowledge to life, practice with real case studies and explore complex sleep challenges
  • How to create your brand and set up a business from scratch.  Finish the course with your very own brand name, logo and the foundations of your business
  • Detailed guidance on securing your first paying client.  And as part of our post-course support, we guarantee to help you secure your first one
  • 2 full live sessions on multi-channel marketing including digital, social media, local, print, SEO, Google ads and much more
  • A masterclass on social media, including how we secured 40k Instagram followers across our channels (@mummyanddaddysleepconsultant)

On-going Mentorship & Support

And it doesn’t end with the live training!

Following the course, we continue to support you for a 3-month period and provide you with all the materials you need to launch your business and get off to a flying start. 

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Business templates to launch and run your business including sleep training programmes, invoices, questionnaires and diary logs for your new clients
  • Videos of discovery calls we’ve completed with real clients (with a high success rate, which took us over 12 months to perfect!) and consultation scripts
  • Training  on how to coach and work with parents and overcoming potential obstacles
  • Personal assistance from Dani or Chris to secure your first client (if you need our help)
  • One-to-one mentorship, coaching you through your first client, from helping to analyse the baby’s sleep diary, to writing the plan and then supporting you as you support them through the programme
  • Access to a WhatsApp group with your cohort, providing invaluable support and an interactive space to share ideas, learnings and inspiration! 

Our bespoke courses have been accredited by leading training provider, Open College Network (OCN). We chose to partner with the OCN because unlike CPD, the OCN is a regulated body and is considered the gold standard regulated training provider. Sleep consulting is not a regulated industry, so by taking a course like ours that has been certified, you are receiving the highest possible qualification for our industry.

Success Stories


Read how some of our recently certified sleep consultants have created successful businesses and transformed their lives for the better. 

Our next success story could be yours!


“Chris & Dani have been absolutely amazing & I couldn’t recommend their Sleep Consultant Academy sleep & business course enough. Their knowledge in the areas of both sleep & business is fantastic – & their first hand experience of this industry is invaluable. Both the course materials and live sessions have been comprehensive and really set me up to feel like I can go ahead and start my own business – with all the support that’s been already, combined with all the support they’ve got set up going forward. I have been so impressed with Chris & Dani’s commitment to answering questions, to recording extra sessions, to getting back to emails and sending us clear and helpful information at every stage. The resources have been incredible – in content, clarity and count! A huge thank you from me”


The Goodnight Sleep Consultant


“Dani and Chris have run an excellent course that I feel has really set me up for my new career. The background reading was informative and easy to digest and the zoom classes were really well run. I loved being part of a small group so we each felt involved and we managed to build a rapport in the group. They have also offered a lot of ongoing support which will be so useful in the coming months. Thanks so much!”


Aurora Sleep Consultancy


“I signed up to the accreditation and business course. The Sleep Accreditation course was brilliant, made furthermore outstanding due to Dani & Chris’ extensive knowledge themselves. The business side of things was what I found extremely beneficial. It’s incredibly thorough, and there’s an option for continued support which I chose to do. Since getting the certification I have started my own business which without their guidance and support I’d have been a long way off where I am now.”


The Wide Awake Club


“The Sleep Consultant Academy is supportive, nurturing and inspiring. Dani and Chris provide quality training in both sleep consultancy and business start-up.  Since qualifying, I have set up my business and am loving working with families knowing I have their tried and tested methods in my toolkit. The wealth of knowledge and experience they have continues to benefit me greatly through my Gold Membership. I love that you can remain part of the Academy after qualifying; great CPD opportunities and a wonderful community to be part of. The whole thing is very special. Life-changing, actually”


The North Star Sleep Consultancy


“I am so happy I picked The Sleep Consultant Academy. I can’t rave enough about how good Dani & Chris are at delivering the course, their knowledge, experience and their personalities shape this course and make it so enjoyable. The amount of knowledge you take, the support provided and the confidence you are installed with is priceless. Dani & Chris don’t hold back, they want you to be fully geared with all the tools and have all the knowledge, they don’t miss out on a thing. I wouldn’t think twice about it, you won’t regret it!”


Mounia Sleep Consultancy


“I have loved every second of this course. Doing the complete business start up has been invaluable- there are so many things I didn’t know I didn’t know about setting up my first business and the information was presented in an interesting and manageable way. Chris and Dani are engaging, approachable and on hand every step of the way. They are invested in every student and genuinely want all of their students to set up a successful sleep consultant business. Thank you so much Chris and Dani, I am so grateful for not only the course you have delivered and knowledge you have shared, but also the ongoing support you offer during the process of setting up and getting started with this exciting new venture.”


Tiny Moon Sleep Consultant

Module Overview


Pre-Live Training – Sleep Consultant Certification Course & Assessment

Once you sign up and make your initial payment, you’ll receive instant access to our online certification course, complete with 19 modules and the assessment (worth £399), which provide you with the skills, knowledge and certification you need to practise as an infant sleep consultant, anywhere in the world.  See module breakdown below.

Live Training Sessions:

Sessions 1-3: Advanced Sleep Training

Come out of these sessions ready to take on any client and sleep scenario

  • A deep dive into more complex sleep scenarios
  • Breakout sessions in groups to work through real-life case studies 
  • Analyse real-life sleep diaries, identify problems and come up with potential solutions
  • Best practice and key learnings for each scenario based on our personal experience
Session 4: Brand Building
  • How to create your brand, including your business name, logo, business ethos and the style of consultancy you want to launch
  • Identify your target audience(s) with our ‘perfect client’ breakout session (worth £1,500 alone with a marketing agency).
  • Discover the best free and low-cost tools we use for creating branded content across different platforms
Session 5: Product Creation & The Client Process
  • Explore a choice of sleep consultancy services and identify the best two for your business
  • Learn how to upsell to increase client revenue
  • Understand different client support models and choose the two that work best for you
  • Create your pricing strategy, including our insider tips for offering discreet launch prices and offers
  • Create the perfect client process – learn how to seamlessly onboard clients, receive efficient payments and ensure the reviews come flying through the door at the end
  • Support on the admin side of the business including company setup, business insurance, accounting, GDPR and more
  • Make money while you sleep – we share our key approach to achieving every business owner’s dream!

Session 6: Marketing Strategy
  • You have your perfect client…but how do you market to them? We show you the key marketing channels we used to create our successful sleep consultancy (and the ones that will waste your money!)
  • Learn how to identify your marketing funnel, otherwise known as your customer’s journey. Discover marketing strategies for each stage of the funnel and why they’re integral to the success of any small business
  • We share our top 3 lead magnets for attracting new clients via your marketing funnels
Session 7: Social Media
  • We share our strategy for securing 40k followers across our social media platforms
  • Learn which platforms work the best for sleep consultancy businesses and which to avoid
  • Understand the foundations of each social media platform and when and how to use them
  • Learn how to use social media as a revenue generator for your business rather than a shop window
  • How to compile a 30-day content calendar 
  • Social media advertising – how to utilise it and how to avoid wasting your money
Session 8: Securing Clients
  • Discover best practices for launching your business and how to secure your first client (we guarantee to provide you with one if you need some extra help)
  • Bonus: One of our graduates will join the session to share their first-hand experience of launching their business following the course
Bonus Content
  • We will gift you 30 days of social media content, giving you access to the most engaging sleep content to get your social media profiles off the ground (worth £250).
  • A 4 figure per month email sequence that you can swipe and use as a template for your own. We use these emails to generates thousands of pounds each year, and you get them for free.
  • We don’t just tell you how to launch your business, we give you all the content to RUN your business. We give you access to the inner workings of leading sleep consultant The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant, including our sleep programme templates, our client email templates, and invoice templates. We also give you access to watch real discovery calls and our consultations with clients. One client told us we saved her 6 months by offering this content… and for FREE.
  • Not only do we teach you on all the key sleep training methods, you also get licensed access to our highly successful and proven method, Comforting Through Change™.
  • You will get access to watch leading Reflux expert, Faye Higton, founder of Rokabyehub, explain what reflux is, what causes it and the impact on sleep (worth £99).
  • You will get access to watch a leading website developer deliver a masterclass on all of the main website options so that you can understand the best options for you (worth £99).


 With both our June course now sold out, our next available course starts in July. We know it’s a big decision and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Book a discovery call so we can talk you through how the course can change your life for the better, answer any questions and address any concerns.  

Places are already starting to fill up, so SIGN UP TODAY by booking a call below (click here for the course dates).


How is this course different to the online Certification Course?

In addition to the sleep consultant certification, this course also provides comprehensive business training, post-course support and personal mentoring from Dani and Chris, and includes live, interactive training in addition to online learning.

How long before the live training do I need to do the Certification Course?

You don’t have to complete the certification first. You can if you wish and many students do find it helpful, but you can complete the certification training and assessment as and when you wish. All that we ask is you read through the course before the live training.

Is there an assessment at the end?

There is an assessment for the certification but not for the business training part of the course.

What qualification will I receive?

The course is OCN Level 3, which is the level you need to start practising as a sleep consultant immediately. We offer sleep consultant courses accredited by leading training provider, Open College Network (OCN). We chose to partner with the OCN because unlike CPD, the OCN is a regulated body and is considered the gold standard regulated training provider.  Sleep consulting is not a regulated industry, so by taking a course like ours that has been certified, you are receiving the highest possible qualification for our industry.

Do I receive a certificate or other proof of certification?

You receive an e-certificate and paper certificate.

Is this all I need to become a sleep consultant?

Yes, your OCN Level 3 qualification is all you need to start practising immediately.

When will I make my money back on the cost of the course?

It normally takes just 6-8 clients to secure ROI on the cost of the course, so it depends on how many clients you choose to work with. Download our Sleep Consultant Earnings Guide to find out more.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay in instalments. Please get in touch for more information.

Do I need any prior experience in marketing or running a business?

No prior experience is necessary. If you sign up for our Sleep Consultant Certification & Business Start-Up Course, we provide comprehensive business training, which covers how to setup and implement a marketing strategy. 

How do I get my first client?

During the course you will learn about the best marketing strategies for securing clients.  If you take the Sleep Consultant Certification & Business Start-Up course, we guarantee to secure you your first client.

Can I work part-time or do I need to leave my current job?

You can work as much or little as you choose and you absolutely don’t need to leave your current job at first, or at all, unless you want to. If you already have a job or career, we recommend training alongside this at first if you can. As you grow your business and gain more clients, becoming a sleep consultant is a lucrative career and it is possible to earn a six-figure salary – if you choose to.

Will owning a business involve long hours?

Only if you want it to. You can work as much or as little as you wish.

Do you provide ongoing support when the course has finished?

Yes, you receive post-course support from Dani and Chris for 3 months, as well as personal mentoring, which our clients say is invaluable in helping them get their businesses off the ground.

Where our students come from…

We have Certified Sleep Consultants in 26 countries across 5 continents including:

Cayman Islands
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
United Arab Erimates
United Kingdom
United States


 With both our June course now sold out, our next available course starts in July. We know it’s a big decision and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Book a discovery call so we can talk you through how the course can change your life for the better, answer any questions and address any concerns.  

Places are already starting to fill up, so SIGN UP TODAY by booking a call below (click here for the course dates).

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